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Choosing a map

Click on the . A list of maps will appear in the Information Panel. As there are many maps these have been organized into sections for ease of navigation, there is a list of these sections at the top of the page.

Choose the National Spatial Biodiversity Assessment. The page will jump to all the maps available in this section. You will see that there are seven maps available.

Choose the first map - Map 1 NSBA Terrestrial Ecosystem Status. The map will appear in the main map window.

NOTE you can also reach many of these maps directly from the BGIS text website. There are links to information about the following project available on the front page of the website Cape Lowlands Renosterveld, Gouritz Initiative, Greater Cederberg Biodiverity Corridor (GCBC), Little Karoo Vegetation and National Spatial Biodiversity Assessment (NSBA). Within these sections of the website there is a list of the online maps and a link to access the map directly.

Choose the link "Link to NSBA website" on the home page of the BGIS website.

Choose the link "Map 1 Terrestrial Ecosystem Status" a little further down this page

Choose the link "Use this map" on the right hand site of this page. You will also be asked to agree to the user agreement and fill in your details if you have not used the BGIS Online Maps before. The "NSBA Map 1 Terrestrial Ecosystem Status" map will open in a popup window.