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Layout of the BGIS online map browser

Open the BGIS online maps using the instructions above. With the online maps open you will be able to follow the rest of this tutorial.

Please note that this is a Generic Tutorial not all BGIS maps will have all features enabled. Each BGIS map does have a dynamically generated help that is specific to that particular Web Map Service and is accessible from the Function Tab Bar (top right).

When you open a BGIS Map Viewer through your Internet Explorer browser (although Internet Explorer is the preferred web-browser, most Java-enabled browser including Linux and Apple-based machines) you will see a new window that looks similar to the example you see here.

The main window is the Map Window. This is where the map is displayed (on the right hand side). Beside it is the Information Panel (on the left hand side) , which displays information about the map and lets you work with map layers. Specifically, the Information Panel displays the legend, visible and active layers, and provides information about the map. You will see that this is essentially your workspace and for each activity step-by-step instructions are provided in this area.

At the top of the viewer you can see the Function Tab Bar and the Toolbox. You will use the Function Tab bar, the Toolbox, and the Expanded Toolbox to navigate around the map, ask questions of it, and otherwise interact with the information.

Exact scale, active tool and active layer information are all found in the Status Bar below the Main Map Window.

If you are feeling lost already... don't worry. Everything will be described in depth in the next few pages.