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Biodiversity GIS (BGIS) Online Maps

You can download a zipped copy of this tutorial here. Open it by clicking on the index.htm file.


This help system is an adaptation of the Geocortex Compass Tutorial/Help. Geocortex kindly and freely provided us with their tutorial system "Geocortex Compasss" for adaptation and this is gratefully acknowledged. Both Geocortex and the Biodiversity Online Maps use similar technology with respect to ARC IMS and Moximedia IMF technology based on Java Server Pages. The assistance and support from Moximedia in developing these pages is also acknowledged with gratitude. These two Canadian companies have been wonderfully supportive in our efforts to develop web mapping services for environmental and ecological management in South Africa. The BGIS website has been tested on the following systems. We suggest that get the latest browser and download it and you must ensure that it is Java-enabled. The only known web browser unsupported by our Web Map Service is Konqueror.

Operating Systems



Linux (Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu)

Apple Macintosh

Internet Browsers


Internet Explorer

No Known Issues

Mozilla Firefox

No Known Issues


No Known Issues


No Known Issues


For Konqueror to work the Browsers needs to set as it is recognized as a Mozilla Browsers (e.g. 1.6)